Speciman of Morphosis

3D Artist
Cinema 4D, Red Shift

MetaMorphosis is a multimedia art that represents a series of data generated coral reef. By using climate change related data to create a simulated coral reef, the work captures the intricate and delicate beauty of these underwater ecosystems in a way that is both highly detailed and emotionally resonant. Through the use of bold colors and emotive composition, this work seeks to evoke a sense of loss and urgency. It serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and fragility of the natural world, and the urgent need to combat the forces that are threatening its survival.

Speciman of the “Present”

This work is further represented in a mixed-reality installation that understands the three dimensional space as an aggregation of two dimensional surfaces.As most of the 3D digital sculpture representation is limited to screen display, this work explores a phygitalization installation that goes beyond AR and hologram. The representation is horizontally displayed on a transparent screen, and vertically extended by multiple screens.

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