The Epilogue of a Computer

3D Producer
Cinema 4D, Red Shift
A speculative film that explores the memories of a moribund computer through a series of nested scenarios, each as part of the whole nested worlds, and implies one of computational concepts.

Produced by NIx Liu Xin, Aria Xiying Bao, Clara He

Our narrative lies in the process of the death of a machine, who witness these hallucination at the last breath of its life. Inside its hallucination, there are real installations that run the functionalities of a computer.

Computational Concepts

These scenarios contain a series of fundamental notion of computer or computational logics: imaging, recursion, video as image sequence, folder structure, way-finding, and recycle.

Phygital Installation: Artifacts as Media

The computational concepts are materialized as multiple installations, coupling 2d motion graphics, 3d kinetic movements, and bespoke camera animations.

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