Interaction Designer & Unity Developer
VR Music Game
Musicraft is a VR music game and content creation platform that empowers you to create your own music as well as build your own experienceable architecture. Featuring fantastical architectural visuals, professional music tracks, Musicraft delivers a brand new audio-visual experience.

Block & Track Inventory

Each block stands for one kind of audio track in out game scene. Player intuitively manipulate the block to preview, add and delete the track. The blocks are modeled in a modular fashion to allow for multiple ways of snapping, thus enabling a holistic interial space where player can enter.

Build Your Own Immersive Reality

After completing the composition, the player can have an immersive experience by walking around the built architecture while enjoying the music composition. The open-ended creative process illustrates a dynamic, non-linear, unpredictable structure with infinite potential.

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