Sound Plug

Industrial Designer
Industrial Design
RedDot-awarded SoundPlug is a set of compact and powerful Bluetooth speakers that brings about a new audio experience for users. Powered directly from a wall socket or a power bank via USB, SoundPlug is built for both indoor and outdoor use. The speakers come in sets of three, and should be placed around the home in different rooms to create an immersive effect when moving around. The user’s phone connects automatically to all three speakers via Bluetooth when powered. There are no batteries – SoundPlug only works when connected to a power source, keeping it small and light.

Campfire is a cohesive group event. This is an original romance that people communicate and build mutual memory, which functions the same as music. We hope to create a 'new community' through a product. "A small concert around the campfire" is the scenario that we want to create. Users can hold the speakers waving to the music, which is a new experience that hasn't been explored in speaker.We want to create mutual activities and memories through a product, to build connection between people. We want to solve problems and share music, and eventually build culture and new community.This design was motivated by the camping experience,which can be improved by new collaboration. The connection between people can be enhanced.


The speaker adopts combination design of modularization. We changed the shape from round to square, comparing it by making soft model using blue foam. During the process, the plug and socket inspired us a lot. They exactly convey the idea of modular usage. Finally, we adopted the cube shape that is most space-saving and easy to carry.

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Immersive Audio Experience

This speaker has both indoor and outside usage. In the outdoor mode, two or three friends can hold the SoundPlug in a circle, creating immersive concert experience. In a set of three, this product aims to create mutual memory and group avtivity. In the indoor mode, this speaker can be placed at different room by simply plugging in to the socket.

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